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We shared some of the secrets on how to make your website usable and what you need to consider in hosting.
That was on: Apr 16, 2021 11:00 AM Nairobi

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Just when people think the world is coming to an end due to covid19 pandemic, the world is just becoming a new due to ICT. Life has changed 180 degrees and what was important pre-covid is no longer important. We have kept saying that the future of reporting to some remote office, commuting to work daily is archaic. Many people, and more so the policy makers never wanted to welcome this message. Now they have to.

The same thing we have said, the future of physical classroom and children commuting to school is over. It's expensive and time-consuming. All the contents can be put online and a child doesn't have to move according to the pace of other children. He/she can finish a level earlier or later. Just registering for a standardized evaluation for purposes of grading. Watch this pace.
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