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How Do You Choose a Domain?

This is an important question in building your online presence. As you probably already know, having a social media link does not show the highest level of authenticity or professionalism. You always need your own domain that speaks to your organization. A domain name that also enables you to have your own email address.
In case you are still not sure about what a domain is, this is your identity online. It has to be globally unique. It always read something like or something closely related and in that format. So it could be a domain for your own person or your organization. An example of domain is,,, and many others. So here is how you choose your domain name:
  1. Ensure the name is simple and memorable: Don't put names that cannot be easily read. In fact, domains that cannot be easily read also have the disadvantage of being labeled suspicious. Also, people are likely to misspell them.
  2. A domain name should be short enough: if it is too long, it might be too difficult to write and more susceptible to misspelling.
  3. Communicate meaning: It is important that your domain will either have the name of your organization (or your own name for personal websites) or something related to what the organization does. It helps in search engine ranking for your website.

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The same thing we have said, the future of physical classroom and children commuting to school is over. It's expensive and time-consuming. All the contents can be put online and a child doesn't have to move according to the pace of other children. He/she can finish a level earlier or later. Just registering for a standardized evaluation for purposes of grading. Watch this pace.
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