ICT Gurus EA Limited

We have been there since 2009. We've got the experience, passion and whatever it takes to be your dependable, reliable and affordable ICT Solutions Partner.

Growing or Getting Extinct?

In this era and age, it is almost unimaginable that an organization is not available online, that an organization's website is unreachable or emails are not working. It is even further undesirable that some organizations do not have email addresses of their own and instead resort to using the public email systems like Yahoo, Google and the likes. That's why we're here. We are committed to be the leading web hosting services provider and international domain registrar within the East African region by 2025; providing all categories of hosting services for all types of organizations. We equally build, maintain and optimize websites, as well as providing ICT related technical support to organizations. You can rely on us for business continuity. Your organization is either growing with online solutions or getting extinct. You want to grow.

We are passionate about ICT


We put people and organizations online and ensure their perpetual online availability, discoverability and reachability.


We are becoming the leading online solutions provider by 2025 in East Africa.


Reliable, Dependable, Affordable, Secure

Our major drive and focus is to enable SMEs and Startups to have reliable ONLINE PRESENCE that PROMOTES their BRANDS and accords them sustainable growth and rewards.
With our solutions and support system, you really don't need a resident IT Professional. We can handle all that for you and ensure your emails are perfectly working and your website is perpetually on and up to date.