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We guarantee Your Online Presence...
Today, if you do your survey, you will realize that moore people interact with your organization online than the number that reaches your office. Online availability has become more important that physical availability.
and Discoverability
When you think of having your own private email address or that of your organization, or whenever you think of putting your business online and having a peace of mind because you know it is there and shall always be on, then we are the team you want to work with.

Domain & Emails

We provide world class domain registeration and email services. If you would like to have a stable and dependable privatized email communication system, we are your best partners. We shall register your top level domains and provide you excellent email services.

Putting Business Online

No business deserves to use Gmail or Yahoo or whatever. You can have your own domain. It's simple and effortless. We can get your domain registered, .com, and give you 3 mailboxes (i.e email addresses) at only USD13.50 per year. It will improve your branding a great deal and get you more credibility. Let's get you one today.
Web Hosting
You have probably learned that sometimes your websites might be offline and unreachable. If we host for you, you shall be sure that your service will be perpetually available and reachable. We provide extremely suitable hosting packages at very competitive rates. Whether you want dedicated, semi-dedicated or shared solutions, you shall be satisfied with ICT Gurus EA Limited, the best hosting provider in East Africa.
Web Design and Development
We build unique, responsive, dynamic and functional websites which are user-friendly and affordable. The websites that we build are delivered with the best search engine optimization (SEO) possible with respect to information given to us, taking into consideration the current state-of-the-art, artificial intelligence, robotics etc. We shall design and develop for you all manner of websites.

24/7 Support System

To all our account holders, we provide 24/7 support via Live chat, telephone and ticketing systems. You really won't need to have a resident IT professional.

Enhaced Control Panel
We have up-to-date hosting platform that guarantees security and efficiency. We have a custorm made control panel with countless valuable resources. We give unlimited bandwidth packages at the cost of limited; nothing less. We don't limit our beloved customers.

Learn WHAT IT TAKES TO PUT YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE in the video alongside.

ICT Gurus EA Limited

If you do your research, you realize that we provide you the most reliable hosting services at the best prices in the whole of East African region. Our hosting has ALL THE ADDONS AND CMS software you will need.

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